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The material of your vibrator is important to consider, because it will determine the feel and texture of your toy. It's typically made from silicone or latex and has a soft, pliable feel, but can be firm and rigid. If you want a firmer toy, look for something made of plastic or metal. These materials often have patterns etched into them which make them especially pleasurable when inserted into the vagina. If you prefer softer toys that have more give in terms of shape or size (for example if vaginas come in different sizes), rubber is another material that gives off this sensation well. Some toys are made of glass, wood or other materials as well; these can vary depending on your personal taste.It's also worth noting that these materials tend not to irritate those with sensitive skin—a common problem with some other sex toys like dildos where they may cause irritation due to friction against sensitive areas such as the clitoris during use..

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