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The best dildo vibrator to buy is one that suits your needs and preferences. Before you can find the perfect dildo interactive vibrator, you need to figure out what your needs and preferences are.What are your needs and preferences? Are they similar to or different from those of someone else's? What do you look for in a sex toy? If it's a waterproof dildo, do you care if it has a texture on the surface or not? Do you want something inexpensive, or are you willing to spend more money on high-quality materials that will last longer?The most important factor I was looking for in my first sex toy purchase was affordability—especially since this is an "investment" piece! I didn't want something too expensive because I wasn't sure how often I'd use it; however, I did want something made with high-quality materials so as notto compromise safety (more on this later). My budget was around $50-$60 USD; anything cheaper than that would definitely have been acceptable but anything above would probably not be worth spending extra money on when there were other things I could get instead from my budget (such as lube!).

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