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How to Check How Much Money You Have Spent On League of Legends

League of legends is hailed as one of the thrilling games in the market – youdon't have to spend money on to play, making it accessible to many. However, even though the game is entirely free, in a real sense, you have to spend some money in the game to buy a few essentials to make yourself invisible.  With the shop having irresistible must-have items, you might find yourself spending unnecessarily. In this case, here is how to check how much money you’ve spent on League of legends.

Riot Points are the currency used in League of Legends that makeup Riot Currency. When looking for ways to check how much money you have spent on League of legends, the first step is to convert your real money to riot points.

Why You Spend Money On League of Legends

 Serious gamers have no qualms spending money for personalization of the game. With some champions have game-changing skins, most players in League of Legends end up buying them. Some go to the extent of even buying skins in every game. Changing not only the Champions appearance, they optimize your capabilities, making you play the game better. Besides, you might be spending when going for the cosmetic options to support Riot games since the game in itself is free to play.

Basic Spending Range

Whether it's supporting Riot gamers or buying for your ego boost, it is estimated that average players spend up to 100$ throughout their gaming journey. However, you might be one of the few who have spent more and buy everything in the store to make their champions better.

With the global amount an estimate, many do not spend a cent as the Champions basic appearance is appealing enough. To know how much money you have spent on League of legends, go to the shop store and look at the Riot points data.

The figure will be displayed. However, when looking at how to check how much money you have spent on League of legends, you might know how much more you are willing to pay. It comes about while clicking the different types of players and seeing how different and more powerful they appear with new skins.

 The catch with League of Legends is that you can play it online for free and have the best gaming experience. You also have the option of spending a little more and be the ultimate gamer as if your champion looks better, you play better and will likely win more.

However, have a budget to make sure that you do not exceed the amount you wish to splash on skins as gaming can be quite addictive, especially when it comes to League of legends.

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