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Everything You Need To Know About Magic Mushrooms

Unlike the other types of mushrooms, magic mushrooms are a special type of mushrooms rich in medicinal properties. According to studies, magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, hallucinogenic and a psychoactive compound. Studies indicate that psilocybin is among the most well-known psychedelics.

The magic mushrooms are prepared by drying and then mixed with other foods or drinks and eaten. Also, some other people prefer to eat them after they have been freshly picked. Either way, mushrooms will give your body the best results. Below are some of the essential things you need to know about magic mushrooms. Those things include;

How to recognize quality shrooms?

If it’s the first time you need to buy Mushrooms online, then you do not need to worry since we are here to help you know how quality shrooms should appear. Generally, any mushroom containing psilocybin looks like a dried standard mushroom that includes a slender stem with whitish colour, dark brown and white caps at the centre. Therefore, if you see any mushrooms with the colours mentioned above, you can be sure that the shrooms containa psilocybin compound.

How to mix the magic mushroom before eating?

Since many people consume the mushroom mentioned above after mixing it with other foods, below is a guide on how to combine the magic mushrooms before consuming them. The guide includes;

Three ways to eat a magic mushroom

·         Mixed with food

Many people eat magic mushroomsby mixing them with food. Since they are easy to mix with other food, one can quickly chop them into smaller pieces, and they mix with the food. The great thing about this method is that you will consume them when they are nearly fresh. The compounds on the mushroom will be directly absorbed into your body.

·         Brewed like tea

Did you know that you can consume magic mushrooms after brewing them like any other beverage? If you like drinking beverages like tea, coffee and many others, you can brew your magic mushroom-like any other beverage. All you need is to use hot water and your magic mushrooms ready. You can chop your mushroom into smaller pieces or blend them using a blender as you add hot water to make a brewed solution

·         Through smoking

The other method for taking the magic mushrooms is by mixing them with cannabis or tobacco. Once you combine them, one can easily smoke them. Taking the mushroom this way is among the most effective ways since the mushroom compound will be absorbed into your bloodstream directly.

Things that affect the effect of magic mushrooms

The magic mushroom will have varying effects on different people due to different reasons. Some of the things that affect the magic mushroom effect include the age of the user, weight, environment, emotional state, mental condition, dosage, and much more. Therefore before taking the magic mushroom, you need to consult your doctor for better directions. Also, you can choose to buy from professional online stores that give more details on how to use it.

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