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The evolution of the Social Media

The world is enamored by Social Media and why wouldn’t it be. From E Commerce to online education, Social Media is at the forefront of a tech revolution. Gone are the days when Television advertisements would rule the roost. The ubiquitous smartphone has transformed the way we view media, as a whole.

The Rise

The rise of social media interjects with the rise of the internet. With the rapid spread of the virtual world, more and more participants began to see an opportunity. This was a place not just for the knowledge hungry but for those who wish to sell ideas. Social Media soon became a platform where people could sell their ware. Given the availability and cost effectiveness, social media became an instant hit. However, with rise appears intense competition. Companies started to jostle for mind space and by doing so, the cost of putting across an advertisement rose.

And it was not just the cost that mattered. The way of putting across the information mattered the most. This required a special skill set. Individuals would learn the art of digital marketing and assist companies garner more eyeballs. The internet accelerated further and so did social media. The earlier skill sets soon became obsolete. Newer methods had to be applied. A new breed of digital marketers appeared, armed with the requisite know-how. These individuals would work across domains and companies and establish brand names in a matter of days. The term digital marketer soon faded. They would now be called the socialninja.

The essence of the socialninja

A socialninja is an experienced individual who takes advantage of the changing tech landscape. The transforming horizon is not just a challenge but a vast area of prospect too. Newer technologies would mean a new set of clients and hence more revenue generation. New age companies know and understand the importance of the social media.

They also would want to take full advantage of it. However, what stops most companies from realizing their true potential is the lack of qualified manpower. Most digital marketing agencies promise the heavens and provide the least. This has led to an erosion of faith amongst companies. Freelance digital marketers have also appeared. Fed up with the intransigence of digital marketing agencies, many companies have found solace in the arms of these freelancers. However, the search for the socialninja continued. Every organization worth their salt wanted the best for themselves.

The Transformation of the Freelancers

One advantage the freelancers had was the option to work on multiple projects and gain experience. While there are always risks of missing out on constant work, the benefits are many. This led to a situation where the freelancers soon began to gain a more nuanced ringside view of the market than someone who was on the rolls of a particular company. The socialninja was born. They had the repertoire, the motivation and the skillsets to hold onto ideas and generate new ones. The world soon became a pot-pourri of creativity and a more colorful one.

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