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8 Phrases for a Powerful and Impressive Essay 2021 Guide

Do you know that there are some phrases that make can make an essay strong or weak? When used, these phrases can make any type of essay impressive and a great read for the audience.

Professional writers know how to use these phrases and words and help the students who come to them and ask for write my essay. Knowing these phrases will help you write a powerful and impressive essay every time.

Read on to know about these phrases.

  1. Indeed: Using this phrase is a great way of showing that you know what you are talking about. When used in the beginning of the sentence, it shows the reader that you are absolutely sure of what you're talking about and they will not doubt your claim.


  1. Nonetheless: Presenting your side of the argument is not enough for a powerful essay. You will need to provide opposing views also to show how your viewpoint is more valid than that. Nonetheless is used to display this point.


  1. Thus: Using ‘thus’ instead of writing the whole ‘as a result’ is far more convenient and effective. You can use this word in the beginning of your concluding paragraph to tell the reader about the result of your work.

  1. Furthermore: Furthermore is used to show that you are adding more and additional information to your main claim. It is used to knit the ideas together and is a great word to make your sentence sound interesting and engaging the paper writing service


  1. Anomaly: Anomaly is used to describe something that is different than the other claims and arguments. This word is generally used in scientific essays and 0papers where the writer wants to show the different result that does not fit with the rest.


  1. Methodology: No science or research paper is complete without a whole chapter dedicated to the methodology section. This is where you will explicit and explain the sources and techniques that you have used to conduct and further your research. Besides, naming your entire research method as ‘methodology’ sounds smarter and more formal.


  1. Concur: This word is great to show if you agree with a research or a claim. This helps in binding the claims that you agree with together and add a scholarly sound to your essay. Instead of saying that ‘the paper agrees with….’ using ‘concur’ is a much better choice.

  1. Therefore: It is used when the writer is explaining the importance and substance of his or her research. Using ‘therefore’ will lead the reader up to the results and outcome of the research and creates a consistent transition between the paragraphs.

The list is not exhaustive and you can find a number of other phrases to add that solid character to your essay. However, these phrases are great to give you a head start to write my paper

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