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Colombia welcomes a new real estate manager

Investment banks BTG Pactual from Latin America and Inverlink from Colombia signed an agreement to create Visum Capital , a real estate manager specialized in developing, managing and promoting the real estate asset segment in Colombia.

Visum Capital will be the manager in charge of the assets of Visum Rentas Inmobiliarias , a collective investment fund that will have an approximate size of 1.4 trillion Colombian pesos in assets under management.


Due to the nature of the real estate funds, BTG Pactual and Inverlink will help Visum Rentas Inmobiliarias in terms of geography, investment and types of assets in the market with a diversified portfolio of real estate assets distributed in shopping centers , logistics warehouses, offices and student residences located in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Cartagena.


"The birth of Visum will allow us to potentiate the real estate business , not only by joining the efforts of two companies that have a common vision and complementary strengths, but by putting the interests of our clients at the center of the operation, " explained Felipe Encinales , founding partner of Inverlink and CEO of Visum Capital in a statement

Juan Rafael Pérez, CEO of BTG Pactual Colombia, explained, “our regional experience in the development and sophistication of the real estate fund market in countries such as Brazil and Chile, as well as the strategic vision we share with Inverlink regarding the future of this segment in Colombia , were a unique opportunity to create VISUM CAPITAL, which will become one of the most relevant real estate managers in the country due to its diversification by type of asset, tenants and scalability ”.

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It should be noted that BTG Pactual has a history of more than 30 years of experience , 62 trillion dollars in assets under management and 3 trillion dollars of real estate assets managed in the region of Brazil, Chile and Colombia. For its part, Inverlink has more than 30 years in the market and more than 10 in the management of real estate funds.  

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