The Story of John with his love doll

   John was searching Google for inflatable dolls one afternoon. At first, he wanted a silicone doll, but it was too expensive. Therefore, he changed his mind to a high-quality inflatable doll John saw an advertisement and entered the website from the ad. On the website's banner, he saw some solid silicone dolls for a very low price (only a little more expensive than the inflatable ones). Because of the price and an introduction video, John was very interested in the dolls. It was the first time John had seen the video (later he found out that it was from 2014).

The cheap sex dolls were very attractive, and the video said that dolls feel better than real girls. Generally, the website was created very professionally, and it didn't feel like a scam. The website also had the seller's product quality guarantee, and 15-day, no-reason return policy. There were more than 30 types of dolls, all with the same picture formats and styles. When John noticed the aforementioned things, his confidence in the website rapidly increased. Then John contacted online customer service. Most of his questions were explained very well, but there are some questions to which he didn't get responses.

At the time, John thought that online customer service was busy answering his additional questions, and he wasn't suspicious. Then, John placed an order without suspicion for an $880 lifelike silicone sex doll When the package arrived, John opened the package immediately and smelled a strong plastic odor. He could not believe that the sex doll he received was inflatable, not solid silicone. After he took everything out of the box, John discovered that the mini sex doll was very ugly, and only the hands, feet, and head were made of silicone. John immediately contacted customer service, however, he didn't get a response back. Finally, John realized it was a scam!

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