The effect of low and high temperature on dolls made of TPE

  If you purchase an adult-sized cheap sex doll you'll be amazed by how similar the skin of the TPE is in comparison to a human's. However, have you ever wondered what the ideal temperature to keep your mini sex doll safe? We will tell you.

  The most reliable advice should be to handle the TPE substance in sex dolls the same way humans would be treated. It is tolerant to extreme temperatures as low and high. But, it isn't entirely precise as to the temperature range suitable for the polymer.

  There is a common belief that we should keep the range between -40oC and 140oC however there is no evidence or studies that suggest that this is the correct range.

  Research has proven that it is best to avoid bathing or washing your doll in water temperatures above 40oC Hot or warm water can cause the sex doll loose its consistency, and then begin to melt.

  Similar to what happens to human skin when exposed to extreme temperatures, the skin gets fragile and burns.

  It is an extremely supple material It is prone to stretch further in a circular motion, however once its consistency has been damaged, the result is irreparable. The silicone version can endure extreme temperatures without being able to sustain its structure.

  However, the impact of low temperatures on TPE polymer might not be as severe as the effects on TPE polymer at high temperatures. Like humans, the doll's skin will be hard on your skin as well as that "wobbliness" feeling of the doll itself will be diminished.

  If you place your model in a cold space. It will transform into a very stiff plastic and stiff model.

 The great thing with this method is unlike high temperatures the stiffness effect will be removed once the flat chest sex doll is returned to its proper temperature.


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