Recommendation for sex doll films


   If you're a proud owner and lover of teen sex doll, you may be thinking about whether there are other owners similar to you. It is true that you're not alone.

  In reality there are many individuals, both males and women, who have dolls of sex at home for different reasons.The world of sex doll has grown more popular in the current world, and has influenced the industry of film too.

  It might be shocking for you to learn that there are an abundance of films and a huge public that is interested in sexually explicit films.

Here's a list seven movies that will delight the mini sex doll owner like you!

 Her (2013)

Her film

 Her is a film from 2013 which follows a depressed lonely man who finds the love of Samantha. Samantha is however not a human being but is an AI virtual assistant portrayed with a female voice.

 Theodore Twombly starts off as a depressed and lonely man. Twombly is also getting divorced with his spouse, Catherine. To make amends for his lonely life Twombly decides to purchase his own AI digital assistant.

 Twombly and Twombly form an alliance through their discussions about love. Twombly is able to fall for Samantha The AI artificial assistant.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a 2014 film that centers around a gorgeous robot named Ava as well as Caleb Smith. Caleb Smith wins an office contest within the company that in which he works. Because of winning Smith is awarded an award that is for a one weeks stay at the CEO's home. The house is quite remote however it is very luxurious. Smith gets introduced to Ava by the CEO.

  The CEO would like Smith to discover the possibility that Ava is conscious and whether she has thoughts. To find out this, Smith has to spend every day with Ava The beautiful robot flat chest sex doll.

   Because of their frequent interactions, Smith begins to have romantic feelings for Ava and ultimately falls in love with Ava.

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