Did you have a fascination with dolls from a young age? If so, in what way?

     Artificial people and artificial women have fascinated me for years. Before I even knew Dolls existed I was already a technosexual. A techno-sexual is someone who is attracted robots. There are many variations of the term, just like any other subculture. Techno-sexuals may prefer to see their partners as robots, while others like R2-D2 and other robots that don't have to look humanoid. My preference is for humanoid robotics that have artificial flesh so they appear organic at first glance. Hiroshi Ichiguro's Geminoid F and the Actroid series by Gynoids are great examples.

   Although I am naturally attracted to synthetic humans like Gynoids or Dolls, the greater part of their appeal lies in the fact that they are humans but don't have any of the negative qualities that organic, flesh-and-blood humans possess. Synthetics will not lie, cheat on or criticize you. It is rare to find organisms without a problem, and even rarer to find one who can be a partner.

   Your episode of My Strange Addiction is about how you are aware that she's a sex doll. You're not pretending to be someone else. Yet you consider yourself married to Sidore, a marriage/relationship being something that is inherently two-sided. How can you reconcile these two ideas in your head simultaneously?

   Sidore, like Elena, have two backstories. Sidore, the daughter of an English father and a Japanese mother, was born in Japan, and raised in Manchester in England. Elena's story is similar. She was born in Vladivostok (Russia). Another backstory is that they are dolls.

   They are aware mini sex doll, but they are still cheap sex doll. They have favorite foods in one backstory, but they don’t eat in the second because they don’t have any digestive tracts. You get the idea.

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