Fixed Built-in Vagina Is Better Than Removable Insert Vagina For Sex Dolls


There are two kinds of vaginal for cheap sex dolls: with a built-in vaginal that is fixed, and a removable vaginal insert. ALDOLL suggests a fixed built-in vaginal.


Fixed is a better choice for those who are experienced and insert is more suitable for newbies as it's more easy to clean. There is no difference regarding durability.



The vagina fixed is built inside your flat chest sex doll's body. It has an appearance similar to the real woman's vagina. In appearance, they appear exactly the same.


 If your sex doll is equipped with an inbuilt vagina, there's an alternative, which is condoms for females. They can be inserted into the vagina, then taken out afterward to ensure that there is no cleaning required. Some say it's not as comfortable and, in some cases, the female condom will fall off, particularly in the event of reusing them.


A vagina that is removable has an insert which is taken off for cleaning and washing (sort similar to an Fleshlight). However, the vaginal cavity isn't textured like the vagina that is fixed, but this insert has a textured from the inside.


With vaginas that are removable which you can take out an sleeve that resembles the thin fleshlight after you have used your female teen sex doll. It is then just a matter of wash it off with warm soap and water, after which you can dry the sleeve. You may also need to scrub some of the excess lube from the labia on the doll. It is possible to lubricate the exterior inside of your insert in order to aid in inserting and then remove.


Make sure to wash built-in vaginas after you use your doll. Some people use the soapy liquid and then a sponge placed on sticks to scrub the doll while it is in place while others recommend taking it to the bathroom or putting it on the top of a bucket, and flushing the vagina using a douche. It is then dried, which generally will require a pump or fan (like the air pumps in aquariums) to ensure circulation of air inside the vaginal orifice. Also, you can employ an absorbent stick for drying it. Find out more information on how to wash a sex doll here.


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