Sexing with the male doll of TPE

I own Two ALDOLL mini sex dolls. sexual relations with them are somewhat similar to men's silicone-based sex dolls in the sense that sex roles are concerned. The sex dolls made of silicone and TPE are heavy, particularly male models because of the massive size of their masculine bodies and the materials they use. But, I didn't have to strictly adhere with the cowgirl pose. I was also able take pleasure in an intimate sex session in the missionary position being able to have the male TPE doll lying on my top.


A fun fact is that I realized an imaginary threesome dream with my TPE male sex doll and my husband. It was among the most sexually stimulating experiences I've ever experienced! I laid my TPE male doll down on my bed on his back and sat on his back in the reverse posture as he slowly pierced me through my genitals. Once the sex doll was in my lap, I lay on his chest while my husband took on the missionary position, and pierced me in a vaginal way. The orgasms I experienced made me shake because of the intenseness.


TPE sex dolls remain extremely realistic in appearance and feel, however they are not quite as convincing as silicone dolls. They're also more fragile as silicone teen sex dolls tend to be more durable. TPE dolls are more susceptible to breakage, not only on the skeleton but also with the TPE material. This is due to the fact that TPE is less brittle than silicone.


Female TPE dolls make use of the penis attachment, however instead of a half-round nub that is located at the base of their balls there's an insert rod long which runs vertically from the bottom of the dick as well as balls, which is covered in TPE. It can be inserted near the base of the pelvis. It is just a little back towards the area of the perineum.


Clean-up after sex removal is also essential because it is an abrasive product which is why extra care in cleaning is required. Additionally, as it is an abrasive substance after drying and prior to storage, a slight dusting of cornstarch or baby powder will reduce the tackiness , and also adds softness to both the penis cavity that is in the insert as well as the actual penis attachment.

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