Sex Doll Repair Guide

    Although technology has made sex dolls more durable, it has also improved their material and production technology. It will eventually suffer minor or major damage from long-term adult doll use. There are many tools and methods that can be used to repair your sexy doll at home. It doesn't mean you have to abandon it if there is some damage.

There are many common tools for repairing sex dolls, including infrared hot grabs, hot hair dryers, thermoplastic glue, white towel, and hot hair dryers. All of these tools can be purchased online or at local supermarkets. These are very easy to use and can be used to repair real sex dolls quickly without any special technical knowledge.

There are many repair options available depending on the extent of the damage done to the sex toys. Less damage to teen sex doll means they will need more skills and take longer to repair.

You can take simple steps if it is a minor dent. Some dents appear due to the weight of the sex toys. For a day, you can use a towel. It is better to be white. You will need to first wet the towel with hot water and then cover it by applying dents. TPE material expands when the towel is hot. The next step is to apply gloves and gently rub the dent with your hands. You can heat a doll with a hot towel or a hair dryer, but you must know how to control the temperature.

Your baby may tear if it is treated too harshly or if it is used incorrectly. These problems are not something you should worry about. There are two options to fix your true bbw sex doll. You must first determine the extent and location of the damage to your sex toy and then clean up the cracks and surface. Isopropanol is a great option as it can remove dirt and grease from the inside. This can help the glue to better repair the damage.

After cleaning, put on gloves and use a knife or sharp object to apply glue to the wound. To ensure that the glue sticks, pinch the tear into two pieces and press them together for at least one minute. You may notice glue seeping from the middle of the tear if you pull the sides together. It can be wiped with a towel or a clean cloth. You shouldn't touch the sex doll with your fingers as it could leave fingerprints.

 You can fix it with an infrared heat grabber if it is just a small scratch. You will need a 1.5KW heat gun. It can be purchased on Amazon and anywhere else online.

Clean the doll's surface with baby oil or Vaseline. This will clean and disinfect the doll's surface and help distribute heat evenly. It is important to use essential oil or vaseline if you don’t want to burn the doll’s skin. You must pay close attention to how far the doll's skin is from the heat gun. It is recommended that the distance between the cheap sex doll's skin and the heat gun be at least four inches.

Next, heat the desired temperature. This means that silicon melts at 110 degrees Celsius. After heating for a few moments, you will see a glazed mirror. To remove any abrasions, use a clean cloth to feather the mirror. Continue this process until you see no wear. To achieve a smooth doll surface, heat and cool them.

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