Should you purchase the option to stand feet for the love doll?

Should you purchase the standing feet option to the mini sex doll? That's a question.


   For those who have an obsession with feet or a desire to have the perfect doll The three screws at the bottom are bound to cause damage to the feet. If you don't want standing for long duration, the non-standing option (regular feet) is the most suitable option.


If you are planning to keep the doll upright within the home, or have a sex session while standing or using the flat chest sex doll to model, you should select the option of standing feet.




1. These feet stand the same as normal feet(non-standing feet) however they have had their ankles designed along with the foot soles strengthened to ensure that all japanese sex dolls sporting an option for standing are able to stand on their feet on their own.


2. The feet on the floor are rigid. It is possible to rotate them downwards up to 150deg, but not up as well as side to side.


3. Shoes that are flat are best to stand in. The high-heeled shoes can be worn on the feet but the high heels are not recommended when the doll is sitting.


4. This option of standing feet is available to dolls with a height of over 100cm.

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