Place your sex doll correctly

     While many of our dolls can stand, you should think about where and how you will place your sex doll. This will ensure that your doll is safe from any damage. It also allows you to position your doll in a comfortable place for having sex.

While many prefer to place their dolls on a flat surface or bed for the first few times, once you get used to having sex with them, you can experiment with other surfaces like a table or dining chair. For oral sex, a female doll sitting on a chair or on a bed might be the best height. If you are a male doll, and you want complete control over the depth and angle of your doll's body, you can stand it up. Keep in mind that your doll may have a strong metal skeleton but it isn't as sturdy as human bones. So make sure to choose positions that don’t put your entire weight on the mini sex doll.

You can also put your silicone sex doll in the bathtub or in the shower if you like to play with things a bit.

Choose an outfit

Dressing up your doll in clothing can make fantasies come true. Dressing up your doll in sexy lingerie or cheerleader attire can help you fulfill every dream and wish.

You can accessorize your cheap sex doll in the same way as you dress up. For example, if bondage is getting you hot under the collar add handcuffs or cuffs. Dressing your doll is easy. They won't say no. It's all about you.



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