The story about a sergeant, a sex doll and their relationship

   Normal stress reactions include moderate anxiety, fear, and autonomic nervous disorder. These reactions can only be considered combat stress reactions if they are severe and result in disabled psychological reactions that prevent patients from being able to fight or work. Since ancient times war has been brutal. People are constantly under the threat of losing their lives in battle. Modern war's sound effects, such as guns, shells, and fireworks can cause mental trauma and increase mental pressure for soldiers. While some of these mental traumas can be resolved through postwar mental rehab, others can last a lifetime.


    This war took place in the early 21st Century. Multinational forces led by British and American troops attacked Iraq and defeated Saddam Hussein's Baath Party government. After eight years of war, 44.76 million U.S. troops were killed in Iraq. Many soldiers who survived the war have suffered a lot from psychological trauma. This has made it difficult to live a normal life and prevent them from achieving their goals. Fernando is a former captain from Iraq who returned to duty after the war. He was an officer who commanded troops in Iraq to fight alongside the Iraqi soldiers. But his spirit was put under extreme pressure.


  He must face the sacrifices of soldiers and the mental pressure that comes with leading the battle. This makes it more difficult. This pressure is too much for him to show in front of his soldiers so he has to endure the pain in silence. He also returned to the US after the withdrawal of American soldiers from Iraq. The effects of war on our lives slowly diminish as life becomes more calm. He was afraid of socializing and avoided it. He was unable to communicate well with others and would stay up late. He is depressed and believes that life is meaningless. He was unable to focus on the task at hand and had suicidal tendencies. His parents discovered the problem and called a psychologist to help him.


   Doctors understood his issues and determined that he needed to be capable of talking and venting his emotions. He is afraid of socializing and has difficulty speaking up. He was suggested by his doctor to try to have a relationship with a sex doll that allows him to express himself and his emotions. It is a life-size simulation of TPE sex doll. This mini sex doll has the same delicate facial features as a real person, and soft skin. It can be used to meet the physiological needs of anal, oral, and vaginal sex. People can also release the psychological and physiological pressures it puts on them.


Fernando followed the advice of his doctor and searched Google for information on sex dolls. He found the customer service section of sex toys. After he explained his needs and problems to ALDOLL's customer service, they suggested a suitable bbw sex doll for him. He was stunned when he got the teen sex doll for the first time. He is amazed at the perfection of the cheap sex dolls. He is eager to get dressed up and begin his first perfect sex trip with her. Fernando claims that he sex for almost two hours with the doll after his first encounter with it. He shared with him the things he could not or would not tell others.


Fernando is amazed at his transformations. The fun of being alone with sex toys makes him more cheerful and able to communicate with others. He has already purchased four ALDOLL sex dolls. He will never lose his love for sex toys and will continue to enjoy them despite the rich social life.

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