Parts Trays Keep your Watch Parts within a Handy Space

Amateur watch makers like to play with dismantling watches and then reconstructing them till they get the hang of the entire process Tank Watch glass. But it's not as easy as it looks. Each watch comprises thousands of little components that are intricately meshed together to manufacture a fully functioning time piece that works perfectly. Amateur watchmakers may destroy several watches before they get the tricks of the trade right. But before you start your hobby, there are several watch making appliances you will require. One such appliance is a specialized parts tray for storage.

I know this may seem silly but it is a practical area of watch making that many hobbyists ignore and then later regret. Think about it, each watch has about a hundred tiny pieces that intermesh to manufacture a perfect watch. If you do not store each part in its correct sequence, it's more than likely you will lose the part.

There are several different varieties of storage trays which are specially developed just for the watch making industry. Each part can be kept in specially labeled sections as with the Bergeon 2955-158 working tray which is two sided for convenience. Do not place any parts on the work table, as they will roll away; follow a sequence of filling in the tray from left to right. When you are reassembling the watch, you just follow the same order to put back pieces but in reverse.

Flip top boxes are also available with 10-20 sections for only this purpose to store simple easy fold parts. You can order these online at website or just go to the nearest watch store for these storage boxes. Another really great alternative is nest-able trays. These trays are place one above the other in easily completely removable sections. You follow the same route of filling in the trays and rebuild the watch in reverse sections. Although flip-tops and nest-able boxes are good for storing small parts; one common problem with both is that they flip over because of their easy fold. One flip and you can forget about reconstructing that watch forever!

Compartmented transparent turning trays are the best. Honestly, this is because the transparent appearance of the trays makes it safer to use and determine for tiny parts. You don't have to dump the parts out to find just one! All of the trays should be shatter proof and skid proof. The covers are made tight fitting to prevent dust from contaminating the parts. Get a few watch protection storage cases too. These cases are transparent for storing the watches you have bought for repair. Each case has a wide drawer for storing the watch and side containers for keeping the tiny parts of the respective watch.

Reassembling the watch into working condition is the use of every amateur horologist; but if you find the parts, you will not be able to do just that!

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