Key Advantages of Cloud Accounting

Every day we turn on it or read an article and hear about the benefits of getting work done in the fog up. How the IT industry is deploying it to create a bigger mark in the world. How the medical industry is deploying it to become more innovative. But think about YOUR industry?

Yes there are lots of other industries that can benefit from getting work done in the fog up. And a large plethora of advantages why someone in those industries should use the fog up more. Even for accounting. Yep accounting.

Accounting is one of those conservative industries. Not too much risk-taking going on. Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, I am not your traditional accountant. I love to call myself and the Tech Savvy Accountantâ„¢. I like numbers but I also like technology but I could never find the time to play with the latest and greatest gadgets. That is until I discovered fog up accounting.

Fog up accounting is the process of managing your business finances over the internet. You can say "in the cloud" or you can also call it "virtual accounting". It essentially means the same. And after this My goal is to share 6 key advantages of using fog up accounting.

Fog up accounting saves you a ton of time with your day to day processing. By connecting your accounting system to your bank account, your transactions are automatically down loaded for you. This saves you hours from adding each... and every... transaction. (say it slow)

Reduces your costs (code for saves you money)

There is no initial or in advance fees, no installation costs and now expensive software to purchase. Simply sign up and enroll in the reduced monthly fee Buy amazon aws account. And in most cases you get to try before you buy. If you don't like it, simply cancel the program. You don't have to worry about trying to package it back in the box as you never opened it. (Don't work like you haven't tried that before).

Accessible anywhere and anytime

Are you always on the go traveling for work or for play? Well now you can check in and see how business is going while your away without picking up the telephone. Simply hook up to the internet and get access. Easy as quiche!

Real-time financial data

Take that access anywhere have a bit further. With fog up accounting, you have access to real-time data. You can know what money is being spent at any given moment. Need up to date financials for a meeting? Just a few clicks and you will have those reports right at your fingertips.

What you are doing something good for the planet. Once you start employing fog up accounting, you also start to using other fog up services, such as fog up storage. The effect equal less tress wiped out for you to print out all those reams of reports every month.

Up to date technology & systems (code for no maintenance)

Technology changes every minute. Have you heard the old saying that as soon as you take a car off the lot it depreciates? Well I think the same principle holds true for technology and software. As soon as you leave the store there is an update. When using fog up accounting, you have access to these updates 24/7 and they occur without you doing anything. And they are at no additional cost to you. Those IT worker bees are constantly at work to make your life a better place. (smile)

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