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Portable Beer Pong Tables

The beer pong table has come along way from the table made of a sheet of plywood over some cinder blocks. With the advent of the portable table, beer pong can now be played practically anywhere people gather. They can now be found at college pool parties, tailgate parties, and even at the many bars and nightclubs holding their own tournaments. There are two basic types of tables, the inflatable table that is easy to set up literally anywhere (even in a pool), and the sturdier fold up tables more commonly used in tournaments, and at college parties across the country. Click here on portable parties nightclub to get more info about our site.

Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

You can buy one for almost the cost of building a table yourself, but without any of the work. Basically an over-sized inflatable pool raft with the cup formation inlay on both sides of the raft to hold your cups during play. The inflatable table is the ultimate pool party addition that is surely to be a hit with your friends. However, the raft has also proven itself as a versatile table that can be used practically anywhere. You can set it atop a trash can or even your car hood and begin playing right away.

Tailgate Beer Pong Tables

These are a step above the inflatable table mainly because it is an actual table which lends well to the bounce shot. The 8'x2' design has become the standard table size used in bar tournaments and the world series of beer pong alike. They are also quite popular at tailgate parties with the NCAA, NFL, and MLB licensed playing surface designs allowing their owners to represent their favorite team.

It is up to each person to decide which will best suit their personal needs, but one thing is guaranteed, an investment in a portable pong table will pay for itself time and time again. Whether you are at a college pool party, tailgating for the big game, or throwing a house party, everyone will take notice of your table.

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