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The Real Reason I Do Not Have Muscles!

In 1895 more Italians came into the port of New Orleans than into the port of New York. Thirty days to cross the ocean from Sicily after the steam engine. Five months before the steam engine. Three families in particular were on the boat. The Gallo family. The Marino family. The Bono family. They may not have been on the same boat. Please hit on girls with muscle to check more about our services.

A baby was on the boat, Frank Gallo. Many people passed away at sea. The family prayed that the baby would become a priest if he survived. He did not become a priest.

Frank Gallo became a doctor. He graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1925. He married a pharmacy student at Tulane. Tulane had a pharmacy school back then. They raised two children. Katherine became a teacher. Louis became a doctor.

Frank Gallo's older sister married a Bono. My mother was one of her seven children. My mother married Mike Marino, Sr.

Mike Marino and Lena Bono raised ten children. I was number six. My father was tough love. My mother was soft love. My father worked for the city of New Orleans for forty years as an electrician. Sometimes they tore down old schools and they would throw away stuff. On my tenth birthday my father brought home a swing set. When I was twelve, he brought home some lifting weights.

My friends would come to my home and lift weights in the back shed. We lived in mid city. As time went by, my friends were getting muscles. I was not developing muscles.

Dr. Frank Gallo was our family doctor. His office was in the Maison Blanche Department Store building on Canal Street. I got on the Carrollton Bus one day and paid my seven cents. It was 1952, I was twelve years old.

I transferred to the Canal Street car. I went down town to the Maison Blanche building and caught the elevator to Dr. Gallo's office. His nurse Connie was tough love.

Connie asks me what I wanted. I told her that it was personal and I wanted to talk with my great uncle Dr. Gallo.

She told me that he was not in on Thursday. He treated poor people for free in the back of the Royal street drug store. I walked down Canal Street to Royal Street. I walked into the Royal Street to the Drug Store.

I went to the back of the drug store and sat in the room with all the other people waiting to see the doctor. After everyone was gone my Uncle Dr. Gallo came out and asked what was the matter?

I told him that I wanted to have muscles. All my friends pick up weights and they are getting muscles. I pick up weights and I do not get muscles.

He told me that what I was going to do with my life, I would not need muscles. I told him that the girls liked the boys with muscles and I wanted to have muscles so that the girls would like me.

Dr. Gallo then told me to go home and tell my Father that I should drink a glass of red wine with my macaroni and meat balls and Italian cheese every Sunday and this would build up my blood and increase my apatite and I would get more meat on my bones and then I would get muscles when I picked up the weights.

I was so excited that I ran all the way down Royal Street to Canal Street and caught the street car back to mid city. I caught the Carrollton Ave Bus and ran down D'Hemecourt Street to our home.

My Father was sitting in the drive way on the side of the house reading the paper smoking his King Edward Cigar. My Father was tough love and we always approached him cautiously.

I said, "Daddy, I went to see Dr. Gallo today. He told me that I have to drink a glass of red wine with my macaroni and meat balls every Sunday. This would build up my blood and I would put on weight and get muscles when I pick up the weights."

My Dad said, "Oh yea! I am going to run the hell out of Dr. Gallo." That is why I do not have muscles!

The reason I tell you this story is to let all the twelve years old boys out there know, if you want the girls to like you. You must drink red wine.

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