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Design A Quality Shopping Cart For Your Online Business - Top 3 Tips That Are Vital To Your Success

Technology for shopping carts will enable your customer base to move around your virtual store, taking your goods and placing them in their virtual basket. This is essentially a glorified order form, no big secret they do what you would expect them to do such as see the product and price, or remove the product if you decide you no longer want it. Simple stuff in reality, however they are overlooked as tools for websites that is a fact. Lets see what are the best methods of getting the most from your shopping cart on your online store.  Quality shop 

Features. If you are going to have features, make them do something interesting. You could add good-looking fast-reacting buttons that will let your customer add and remove items quickly. Please do not add all the bells and whistles for the sake of otherwise this will have an adverse effect. All to often I have gone on to a site to buy something but with all the gizmos the site has added it has dramatically slowed down the process of ordering, which we do not want.  the quality shop 

Cross-selling. If your customer puts the new Harry Potter DVD in their basked you could have text that then populates stating "If you like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows you will love the new Harry Potter box set with a 20% off if you place your order by 3pm." Or another example if you put an iPod in your basket for example you could have; "Order the new Sony HD headphones with this iPod for 20% off." The possibilities are endless but I hope you are getting my drift this is an excellent opportunity for further sales with little extra work.

Delivery and shipping. Why not have these options on your basket? You could have a drop-down menu that enables the customer to select their shipping requirements then recalculating the cost in the basket. Sound good? Customers like to know what the final cost is, they can see in their own mind if it is worth them for example getting their Christmas shopping all in one go to save on delivery charges or wait for another day.

Try not to overload your shopping cart screen as it will run slow and put people off. Use the features available to get the best bang for your bucks. This is a small amount of ROI in your business but the opportunities are very fruitful if done right.

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