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Masonry in Mt Juliet TN Outdoor Fireplaces: Proper Burning Leads to Longevity

Proper burning after the construction of your Masonry in Mt Juliet TN fireplace is essential to the longevity of your outdoor fireplace. Some may assume that you can crank up a fire in a newly built fireplace the day after construction. Doing so may permanently damage the smoke chamber and clay liner. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on a beautiful Masonry in Mt Juliet TN outdoor fireplace to have it crack the first time you fire it up. Masonry in Mt Juliet TN generally takes 28 days to cure properly. It is best to wait the 28 days to ensure that all the Masonry in Mt Juliet TN is cured properly. Is there still risk? Absolutely! Here are some tips to follow when burning a fire in a Masonry in Mt Juliet TN outdoor fireplace.

1. When you burn in your fireplace for the first time it is best to start a low fire and let it burn for about 4 to 6 hours or longer if possible. Not a scorching fire but a modest two log fire. Why so long? The reason you want to burn a modest long burning fire is to slowly dry out all the water that is trapped in the Masonry in Mt Juliet TN and concrete. Concrete by nature retains a certain amount of water so by burning a slow long fire allows the fireplace to dry out properly, curing the fireplace.

2. Gradually build up your fire on a Masonry Contractor in Mt Juliet TN in Mt Juliet TN built fireplace. You want to gradually build up your fire, especially if you burn in your outdoor fireplace in the winter, if you start a blazing fire right away and the fireplace is cold you get what's called 'Thermal Shock' this may crack the flue liner and possibly the structure of the fireplace. It's best to warm up the fireplace slowly. Once you build the fire up slowly and warm up the fireplace you are OK to burn a larger fire.

3. Never use accelerants to start your fire in a Masonry in Mt Juliet TN outdoor fireplace. Masonry in Mt Juliet TN is naturally porous so if you put gas on it or lighter fluid, the Masonry in Mt Juliet TN will soak up the accelerant and could ignite the Masonry in Mt Juliet TN. Accelerants burn too hot and could cause serious damage to the Masonry in Mt Juliet TN structure and possibly you.

4. The most important thing to remember in caring for your Masonry in Mt Juliet TN outdoor fireplace is to never extinguish the fire with water, unless absolutely necessary. Masonry in Mt Juliet TN retains heat and will get quite hot when you burn a fire for long periods. If you spray a stream of cold water from your garden hose onto the hot Masonry in Mt Juliet TN fireplace it will crack. It's best to have a metal bucket and shovel handy and let the fire burn down, then shovel out the coals into the bucket.

After 18 years of building and using outdoor fireplaces I have found that these are essential tips to ensure your outdoor fireplace's longevity and ensure that you can enjoy extended years next to the warmth of your fireplace as you entertain in your backyard paradise.

Matt Blanchard is the president of The Brick & Stone Artist llc. which is a custom design and build outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen contractor.

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