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Most of us, when we are about to enter the new housing market, consider whether or not it is best to build a Custom Home in Builder Orlando FL or Builder's or choice one from a builders model selection. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and that's what we want to discuss here in this article. We will look at "Builders Models" first and then move on the custom homes.

Benefits of Model Homes

I guess we should start by defining what we mean when referring to this type of new home. We are referring the different floor plans you will commonly find in subdivisions. There are usually 3-5 models or floor plans to choose from with different layouts and square footage within a certain price range Luxury Home Builder in Orlando FL.

There are a number of benefits to this type of home. I think the main one is that you can actually see what your home will look like before it's built as many of these developers have models for you to walk through and inspect. You know exactly how your new home is going to look and feel without making your decision solely on a floor plan on a piece of paper.

You will be able to envision where you present furnishings will go, what will look great where and so on. You also get some great decorating ideas and get a real sense of where the heart of the home is going to be. I don't believe you can overstate the value of actually physically walking around in these models so that you can crystallize what it is exactly that you like and don't like in a new home.

Secondly there is price. A Custom Home in Builder Orlando FL or Builder's of the same size is going to cost you way more, so in terms of cost per square foot you will be paying less.

Third banks are more comfortable providing mortgages for these types of home because they are easier to value.

Lastly you can take advantage of numerous "upgrades" that you can use to customize your home to reflect your particular values and lifestyle.

Some Negatives

The obvious one is lack of choice. You are restricted to the models the builder is offering and the upgrades that are available. If you want something different you're out of luck. It's a like it or leave it proposition.

Quality of workmanship and materials, although they all meet code, may not be as good as you may get in a Custom Home in Builder Orlando FL or Builder's because you don't have control over what materials, methods and the level of skilled labour are used in doing the work.

Benefits of Custom Homes

The whole idea behind having a home custom built for you and your family is that you get what you want. You can employ the services of architects and designers who specialize in bringing people's dreams and desires into reality. The possibilities are limited only by budget!

There can be great satisfaction in creating you own living space that isn't found in buying a home "off the shelf" so to speak - building a Custom Home in Builder Orlando FL or Builder's provides that sense of pride in accomplishment.

A true custom built home will have a designer or an architect at your service who will interview you and study the land to come up with a one of a kind, unique, tailor made house for you. No two houses will be alike.

Some Negatives

Other than dollars spent, unless you are willing to commit to a process that will be at best challenging and very time consuming, a custom built home may not be your cup of tea. It is always harder and more involved than people imagine and most assuredly more money than you planned on spending.

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