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The Other Side of the Profit Coin

Numis Network is a MLM company founded by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kevorkian, along with Mike Mezack. It offers gold and silver collectible coins called Numismatic coins. Numis Network was designed for the collector and coin enthusiast. This article will consider the money-making possibilities of this Network


Numis Network has brought a new product to the MLM world with collectible coins. For the many Americans who collect coins, this is the network marketing opportunity they have been waiting for. Although these coins are not produced by national or international mints, they are acclaimed to be a high grade product.


In a changing market, Numis Network has presented a new product. Many networks are marketing health products, energy drinks and devices to help make life easier. Numis has presented a product that is quite unique and yet not unknown or unheard of. I can not count the commercials I have seen advertising collectible coins! This MLM makes sense in that many collectors are looking for this product and now have it available in a network marketing system. This system can bring collectors together in a cooperative arrangement that can benefit all involved.


However, network marketing can present challenges for the representative. Many new reps find it difficult, if not impossible, to get others into their company to participate in what seems so sensible to the rep. Many people are turned off immediately at the thought of making money in a way other than a "9 to 5" type of job. Others may not be interested in the product. After the hype of their initial sign-up and beginning in this new, exciting venture, many reps find it hard to market the company. Making money in an MLM can be challenging.


In conclusion, Numis Network definitely has a good start in the network marketing world. However, as with all MLMs or other businesses, it takes hard work and good educational tools to be successful.

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