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What Are the Benefits of NSF Certified Home Water Filtration Systems?

Certification standardsset by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International for home water treatment systems and for other consumer products. NSF Benefits is a distinguished scientific and technical expert in the health and environmental sciences. They are staffed by professionals in the areas of engineering, chemistry, toxicology, and environmental health.

NSF is internationally known and it is a recognized third-party testing organization that tests and certifies home water filtration systems to ensure they meet strict public health and aesthetics standards. Therefore, water filters are tested to verify that they meet certain standards for health before they are certified. So, the ultimate result is to give consumers the assurance that the system they about to buy will filter out contaminants in their drinking and shower water just as the manufacturer says it will do. In addition to NSF, other certification bodies include the Water Quality Associations (WQA), Underwriter Laboratories (UL), and various states and health departments. Both WQA and UL generally use NSF testing protocols for their certifications.

The types of certification under NSF Standards include: Aesthetic Effects (NSF/ANSI 42), Softeners (NSF/ANSI 44), Health Effects (NSF/ANSI 53), Ultraviolet Treatment

(NSF/ANSI 55), Reverse Osmosis (NSF/ANSI 58), Distillation (NSF/ANSI 62), Shower head (NSF/ANSI 177).

You can expect the following benefits to consumers from NSF certified filters:

Contaminant reduction claims are true. A manufacturer may claim that its treatment system can filter out a specific contaminant from your water by a certain percentage. You don’t have the technical know-how to confirm this mathematical claim. However, NSF will verify this claim to make sure the manufacturer is not deceiving the public.

Harmful chemicals will not be added to the filtered water. NSF tests the filter to make sure the media components do not react with your water contaminating the filtered water.

The system unit is structurally sound according to specifications. This is to ensure that the manufacturer is not cutting corners to save money at the expense of quality products.

The filtration system is as advertised; no misleading literature and labeling. NSF will make sure what the manufacturer is saying on their website, brochures, and item descriptions are true. Rigorous testing by NSF will confirm this claim.

There are no changes in the materials and manufacturing processes as described by the manufacturer. This is important because water filter facilities are inspected annually unannounced. So, to be certified continually, all the above must be true at all times. NSF will make sure that every claim is the same at all times.

Several home treatment systems carry the NSF certification label and certifications from various state health departments such as the California Department of Health Services Water Treatment Device; Iowa Department of Public Health ; State of Wisconsin, Bureau of Building Water Systems, Research and Product Review Unit; State of Massachusetts, Board of Plumbing; State of Colorado, Department of Health, Drinking Water Program.

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