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Head Massage Techniques For Hair Growth

There are many head massage techniques for hair growth. But the one you choose depends on your lifestyle. Not everybody can go for an elaborate head massage with a variety of essential oils that really do promote hair growth. But you can definitely try some simple hair massage techniques that not only make you relaxed, but also stimulate blood circulation to the scalps. And increased blood circulation to the scalp area definitely provides the necessary nutrients to the hair follicles dryhead massage singapore)

What is Head Massage?

It may really sound naïve, but do you know what a head massage is? Massaging the scalp with your finger tips is all there is to do. You can do it right in your own home. In fact you can start with dry massaging your scalp twice a day. Start from your hairline area and using the balls of your finger tips make circular movement on the scalp. Use moderate pressure and take care not to entangle your hair. You can do this by spreading your fingers wide. And be sure to keep your nails short so that you are not scratching your scalp. Work from the sides and towards the top of your head. Do this for 5 minutes in the morning and again at bedtime.

Head Massage with Oil

You can also use oil for head massage. There are many oils that promote hair growth. When you do scalp massage with any of these oils, you get added benefit. The oil hydrates your scalp and hair. If you have dry hair, you can use sesame oil or olive oil. If you have oily hair, try almond oil. If you have dandruff, you can use sandalwood, rosemary or tea tree oil. There are many essential oils like jojoba oil, burdock oil, rosemary oil, Clary sage oil, tea tree oil that can help hair growth. If you use any of these with your regular hair oil for massaging the scalp, the result is really beneficial. You should make a note that essential oils are too thick and need to be diluted with carrier oil like coconut oil or sesame oil.

Head Massage in the Shower

You can also do hair massage while you are in the shower or when you are shampooing the hair. Run your fingers through the wet hair. Use finger tips and using slight pressure massage the scalp in circular motions.

Hair Pulling Massage

Another way to do scalp message is to pull your hairs with moderate force. Make small sections of hair and gently pull them. Since you have seventy percent of your nervous system in head area, head massage in any form makes you relax. And also, since stress is usually the predominant factor of hair loss, hair massage really helps.

Scalp Tapping Massage

This form of head massage is very popular in Asian countries. Tap the top of your head with gentle force. Move your fingers gradually to the sides.

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