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Nashville French Drains Information

If your yard is experiencing drainage problems, then you need to get to Google and find a professional who is skilled in solving these sorts of problems. If you don't, the problem will only get worse. How are they going to help you out? One of the most popular remedies is known as the Nashville French Drains.

What is a Nashville French Drains?

In its most basic form, a Nashville French Drains is a trench dug into the ground that is typically covered in rock, which leads water away from your home or other area you are attempting to keep dry. Often the trench will contain pipes that help redirect the water in an efficient manner. In fact, many newer styles of the French Drain Installation Nashville system have eliminated the use of rock altogether.

There are two ends to the drain system. There's the higher end, known as the drain field, which allows groundwater to flow into it. Then there is the lower end, called the drain exit, which releases the water in the area that it should be draining. At minimum, there should be a one percent difference in the height of the low end and high end. In other words, for water to drain properly, the drain field needs to be high enough (or the drain exit low enough) that gravity gets its chance to work and cause the water to travel away from the home or yard.

How Are Nashville French Drains Planned Out?

When you call out a drainage professional and the Nashville French Drains is the recommended solution, typically they will begin by looking for the best spot to direct the drainage (i.e. the drain exit). It is crucial that the drain exit not allow water flooding the street or driveway. And of course, you certainly don't want to redirect the flow of groundwater into your neighbor's yard (well some people might wish to do that, but it's a bad idea!).

What Are the Best Locations to Put Your Exit Drain?

So if all those spots mentioned above are not recommended for the exit drain, then where can you put it? Well, first of all, if you are looking to save money, you are going to want to find the closest viable point to the high end of your drain. Obviously, the shorter the system, the less labor and materials, and the less money spent. However, it's important to note that you don't want to try and save money at the expense of doing a job halfway.

Now, while you don't want to flood the street, in some neighborhoods the drainage is located on the edge of the street, so you want the water to flow out so it can be carried away. Your drainage professional will check and can let you know if this is the correct option for your Nashville French Drains system.

Your drainage system also might be directed to a sloped area with plenty of grass. The slop will allow water to flow and the grass will help soak up the moisture. The grass will also help prevent erosion from occurring.

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