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French Drains Nashville Solve Water Drainage Problems With Time Tested Solution

"Bad Drainage Around Your House Can Ruin Your Foundation and Cause Mold-Mildew Problems- French Drains Nashville Can Solve The Problem"

One of the biggest threats to your home is water. It starts with the roof, the walls, window seals, and eventually the drainage around your house. If you don't have proper drainage around your house, water will accumulate under your home causing rot, mold, and begin to undermine your foundation. One time tested solution for managing water away from your house is a French Drain Contractor Nashville.

French Drains Nashville consist of a trench dug approximately 18" wide and 24" deep. Typical configurations include drain rock, a perforated pipe, and filter fabric to protect the drain rock and pipe from getting clogged up with dirt and debris. Consideration must be given to proper slope to move the water in the proper direction.

Water from a drain is typically routed to a dry well, garden beds, or other drainage areas. A common approach is to route the water to the street where rainwater is already properly managed. In many areas, hooking up the drain to the sewer system is illegal, because it overwhelms the sewage treatment plants.

In many cases, drains are hooked up to sump pumps. The sump will pump the water to a location that could not be normally reached due to improper slope or location. Proper sump pump system design is crucial to the success of your French Drains Nashville in these types of applications. Sump pump systems are comprised of a drainage barrel and a sump pump. Sump pumps must be connected to properly grounded GFI outlets for safety reasons. Sump pumps are trigger by a float switch that detects water beyond a certain level, and the automatically turning on the sump pump. The proper horsepower pump and a high quality pump that can handle the proper volume of water without clogging is crucial for trouble free operation. Pumps are frequently pumped to the front yard area where they can drain on to the street.

French Drains Nashville are typically installed around perimeters of houses, on the downslope area of on coming surface water from hills, and also hooked up to down spouts to move water away from the house.

There are many considerations in in designing a French Drains Nashville system. An experienced drainage general contractor can solve all the design issues for you. For most people, their home is the largest investment they have. It's wise to protect your home with proper drainage. Call a reputable French Drains Nashville contractor to help solve your water problems.

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