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Top 3 Materials Used in Fire Pits in Nashville

The typical construction of a involves Fire Pits in Nashville digging the pit, raising the walls, veneering the outside for asthetics and veneering the inside for fire safety. Consideration is also given to whether or not the pit will be used solely with wood or if gas rings will be installed. The last decision will be the height of the pit wall and whether it will be used for sitting on or propping feet on.

The structural inner wall is usually Fire Pit Contractors Nashville The inner veneer must be composed of authentic firebrick for safety. The outer veneer is chosen based on personal taste and the surrounding architecture.

The top 3 materials used for the outer fire pit wall are:

o Stone which can range anywhere from hand-picked river rocks to manufactured landscaping stones. Stone gives a more outdoor, rugged look.

o Brick which can be selected to match the brick in a brick home veneer. Brick is more traditional and brings a slightly formal look.

o Tile which has endless variations and colors can add a personal touch to the pit style. Tiles can give a touch of whimsy or be more subdued.

Another material choice that must be kept in mind is for the gas rings. The choice is between stainless steel and galvanized metal rings. While the galvanized may be less expensive the stainless steel rings will substantially outlive the lower quality of the galvanized metal.

When using gas rings in a fire pit another material choice comes into play; sand or glass in the bottom. Again, this would be a personal choice and either is equally suitable.

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