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You have a Custom Patios in Nashville  great looking backyard, but it's a bit sparse. You need something to spruce it up and give it character. A wood pergola may be your answer. Wood pergolas, wood trellises, and wood patios are often confused or used interchangeably, but there is a difference.



A wooden pergola is a standalone unit with a lattice style top.Patio Pavers in Nashville This means the beams are separated and not fully covered. Wood pergolas are used to protect plants which need a bit of shielding from the sun. You may place potted plants below the pergola or hang them from the beams. It adds a natural and calming feel to your backyard. Unless you're an expert builder it's best to hire a contractor to build the wood pergola for you.



A wood trellis is essentially a fence type of structure that can easily be placed in your backyard. You can easily find pre-built trellises in stores that you can put in your backyard. You won't necessarily need a contractor to put up the wooden trellis unless you desire something more sophisticated and custom built. Otherwise, you may find inexpensive trellises that are ready to go.



Wood patio covers are typically attached to the home. One of the major differences between the wood pergola and the wood patio cover is that the  is a free standing unit while the wood patio is attached to the home. The wood patio cover can be built with a lattice top just like the pergola, but it can also be built with a solid patio cover. Both provide the same protection for the more sensitive plants that need a bit of shielding from the sun and you may choose to hang flowers from the beams of the patio cover as well. Keep in mind that the wood pergola is typically built away from the house over the grass.



Hiring a Contractor to Build Your Wood Pergola


Unless you're a professional builder you're better off hiring a contractor to build your wood pergola. If you don't have the right tools or construction education the process may be very frustrating. You may give up or put the work aside and it'll take much longer to complete than if you had hired a licensed contractor from the start. You need to not only have plans, but be able to properly read them.



Instead, hire a licensed contractor to do the job for you. It's important to check his credentials first just to be sure he really is licensed. You can verify the license number online against the state board of contractors website. Once you've found the right contractor you can be sure your wood pergola will be built correctly and to your specifications.

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