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Part 1 of this article "Patio Contractors Nashville: Facts to Know Before You Get Started" described the pros and cons of some of the most popular choices of Patio Contractors Nashville available on the market. Now that you have an idea of what materials you would like to use, you can make a design plan for your patio. You could just sketch out your ideas on paper or discuss your ideas with a landscape designer who can prepare drawings for you, but by all means don't let a contractor begin without some kind of plan that you have okayed. Don't let him or her design your patio for you, as they may be quick to offer to do, unless they have shown you credentials or examples of their work.

If you feel that a particular Patio Construction in Nashville contractor has the ability to work with you on a design plan, get your ideas together and schedule a meeting to figure it out. Bring your designer if you have one to this meeting. Together with the contractor you can quickly make decisions and devise a plan that will result in you getting what you want at the best possible price.

The contractor (and your designer) should be able to tell you when your big idea will cost too much to implement at which point you can together decide on a more reasonable approach. Perhaps he/she doesn't know how to do what you want for a reasonable cost. Then you may have to say thanks and pay him/her for the consultation and move on to the next contractor. Once a contractor has a plan for the Patio Contractors Nashville he/she will be able to provide an estimate reflecting how much it will cost you to have them construct your patio. This estimate, of course, can be negotiated until both sides are happy.

Once you have hired a contractor that you feel comfortable with, you'll set a date for construction and expect to see him and his crew on that date. Some expertise is needed to lay out a Patio Contractors Nashville in a graceful and satisfying way. One of the most important aspects of this is the construction professional's ability to translate your design to the finished built product. You might have drawn out a graceful curve that could become decidedly ungraceful once built unless the two-dimensional plan is correctly translated to your three dimensional yard. A landscape designer can help with this process.

Your contractor should have tools such as layout string, stakes, measuring devices such as rulers and 'scales', levels, and squares in order to properly translate your design into 3 dimensions. Once you feel confident that the proper methods are being used for lay out, stay around until you see your design correctly drawn out with spray paint on the ground. If it looks good to you then okay the construction. Keep an eye on your contractor and don't be afraid to ask questions and even correct something you know is wrong. It's easier to correct things in the building phase than after construction is completed. The more you know about the process of Patio Contractors Nashville

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