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Outdoor Fireplaces Nashville Safety Tips

If you are going to better your outdoor living area by installing an outdoor fireplace, you are on the right direction toward comfort and warmth. The idea of your future Outdoor Fireplaces Nashville can be easily adjusted to your budget and needs and then objectified. You can install relatively cheap typical fireplace, or on the contrary make a special design and invest a lot of money to be sure that your fireplace will be unique!

While making your fireplace cheap or expensive, commonplace or unique is at you option, there is a thing that should be prioritized and considered carefully. Your safety is a matter of the greatest importance, and must be treated according to its significance. Take into account that the wrong use of Custom Fire Pits Nashville is a threat not only for you. It can be dangerous for your loved ones.

Here is an accident prevention guide that will tell you main rules of using an outdoor fireplace:

Fire pit, elevated fire pit, chimnea.

From the point of view of safety and comfort, chimnea type of outdoor fireplaces is preferable. Chimnea is associated with better airflow as well, which means less smoke is likely to be irritating you. Elevated fire pits run the risk of being turned over and thus causing injuries to those who is near. Overall, chemnea type of outdoor fireplaces is more safety than other two.

Be attentive!

Don't be careless about what is going on with the fire when you are enjoying yourself in amicable atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Fire is somewhat similar to living beings, or it is better to say that it seems sometimes to have intellect. And this intellect can work against you if you pay no attention to it.

A dangerous situation can happen any time actually: you fireplace can be turned over by pets, strong blow of wind can cause sparks flying around, change of wind direction and other suddenness can make the fire grow uncontrollable.

Study your fire

Anybody is excited when an outdoor fireplace is finally installed. In such moment it is important not to overdo. Your first experience of starting fire in your fireplace should be to some extend cognitive. You should find out in what direction the wind blows, how strong is the wind, how does it influence on the fire and so on.

Don't start fire when the wind is blowing heavily!

Up in arms

Fire is a symbol of comfort and warmth. However, you should not underestimate it, ant treat it carelessly when taming it. You cannot control suddenness, but you can control the fire, even if it tends to be out of control. Consider what tools can be at your disposal in case of emergency. Prepare your extinguisher and fill a large bucket with water, they may happen to be of use. Make sure everybody is aware how to use fire extinguisher and where faucet is situated.

Don't overdo with it or your friends will be in panic during the party.

When the party is over, make sure every single amber have turned black.


You should have be prepared for emergency, ready to cope with it so that the consequences would be insignificant. It is important that you have special gloves and outdoor fireplace screen. An outdoor fireplace screen is supposed to be a barrier blocking the fire's way. It can prevent your friends and family members from being exposed to sparks. It is dangerous to neglect such safety materials.

Location and distance

Your outdoor fireplace should be located in a certain distance from your house, trees, plants and anything that can catch fire. The distances are usually mentioned in the documents that you will have to read when authorizing your fireplace in local office.

And don't stand closer to fire than 3 feet.

OUTDOOR fireplace

Outdoor fireplace is supposed to be used outdoor, and even there it can cause accident. However, it is probably worth emphasizing the fact that outdoor fireplaces are only allowed to be used at the backyard and not it house.

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