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All You Need to Know About Belize Real Estate

Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize is situated in the northernmost part of Central America. It is also the only country in this region that accepts English as their official language. Aside from its diverse culture, this is also one of the reasons why many are considering buying Belize real estate either as a vacation home, to relocate or as a retirement home.

The tropical climate of Belize has made it a hotspot for tourists, expats and retirees. Its economic standing is since most of the people living here depend on construction, tourism, merchandising and agriculture.

The country has five major commercial banks. This includes Scotiabank, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Heritage Bank, Atlantic Bank and Belize Bank - the oldest and largest one yet.

Tourism is one of the main contributors in the economy of Belize. The region is known for its Belize Barrier Reef. Tourists come here to experience various outdoor activities such as:

- Boating

- Fishing

- Snorkeling

- Scuba diving

- Rafting

- Kayaking

- Hiking

- Helicopter touring

- Jungle touring

If you are considering relocating in this country, Belize real estate is actually bolstering at the moment. Whether it's for a retirement home or a vacation destination, there are 10 places in Belize that you should consider:

- Caye Caulker - One of the best places in Belize. However, buying a spot in this area is tightly controlled. It is rare to find locals selling their piece of land here to tourists and outsiders.

- Remote Cayes - This is one of Belize' remote islands. Beautiful as it is, it is frequented by hurricanes so if you're okay spending money time and time again for renovations, this can be a great place for you.

- Sarteneja - This is a very beautiful area in Belize. The only problem is the fact that it is too far away.

- Rural Orange Walk District - If you want your own isolated paradise, this may be the perfect area for you in Belize. It is near a lagoon and August Pine Ridge.

- Placencia Peninsula - This is where the boom in Belize real estate began. Until today, there are still a lot of lots being sold. However, only a few constructions are being made.

- Toledo District - If you are looking for the lowest land prices and the friendliest people, this is where you have to be. That is - if you also don't mind frequent rains and a lot of mosquitoes.

- Ambergris Caye - Though this is the most popular among expats, it is also the most expensive place to get or to live in. However, if you are more comfortable seeing other tourists, this is the best place to get.

- Hopkins / Sittee Point - If you want a place near the beach at a relatively affordable price, this is where you need to look in Belize.

- Rural Caye District - If you are looking for wide open spaces and cheap land, this is the place for you. People here are known to be very friendly and hospitable.

- Corozal Town / Consejo - This is the best place to find friendly people, low priced commodities, a low crime environment and clear blue waters. Mexico is just next door.

Belize real estate has been booming since the time Europeans and North Americans wanted a taste of blue waters, warm air, easy living and cheap rum. Most Belize expats are living near the Corozal Town, Placencia, San Pedro and Belize City suburbs. Since these places have worked for them, these may also be the best places to choose if you're thinking of relocating, retiring or spending your vacation times in Belize.

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