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What to Keep in Mind When Replacing Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service


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When it comes to the functionality of mobile devices, the mobile phone battery is one of the most important complement to your cell phone. The kind of battery that your cell phone uses will depend upon the particular brand you are using as well as the size and shape of your cell phone. Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service can be classified into four distinct categories. These include lithium polymer batteries, lithium ion batteries and those made using nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium.

The latest development amongst these is that of the lithium polymer battery. You would find lithium polymer batteries to be embedded with the latest technology enabling them to function in dc power. Such batteries are extremely lightweight which is always a plus point for Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service as it helps to keep your cell phone as lightweight as possible. Another advantage of lithium polymer batteries is the fact that unlike other batteries they do not explode even if they are deliberately punctured.

Inside the battery every different section is enclosed in compact plastic pouches which guarantee their safety. Furthermore such batteries do not experience any memory defects. However the fact that matters most to mobile phone users is the capacity of the battery with regards to the back up time that it can deliver. In the case of lithium polymer batteries they are known to last more than 50 times longer when compared to their nickel metal hydride alternative.

Lithium ion batteries are also quite efficient especially with regards to their memory and the backup time that they deliver. The fact that they are lighter than the conventional nickel metal hybrid battery makes them a better alternative. However lithium-ion batteries are more costly and you will only be able to find such batteries for newer models. One of the things that really adds value to lithium ion batteries is the fact that they have a very unique fast charge technique which they apply.

Using the techniques your phone charges up to 80% capacity in an instant and then the following 20% is charged slowly in a matter of about two hours. This feature comes in very handy especially when you do not have time to charge your mobile phone and need to leave your premises in a short while.

When used with a car charger a lithium-ion battery can get your cell phone charged to 100% in less than one hour. Such batteries can give you twice the power that a nickel cadmium battery is capable of. They are non-toxic which means that even environmentalists will favor these kinds of Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service.

Given the benefits that lithium polymer and lithium ion batteries have over their predecessors they are definitely the better choice. Hence whenever you go for your next battery change make sure the company you will be dealing with gives you a lithium-based battery for your cell phone. If you are using a relatively newer model for your mobile phone then it shouldn't be such a problem to acquire these efficient mobile phone batteries.

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