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Perfecting Precision: The Tegel Nivelleersysteem in Tile Installation


Tile installation is an intricate craft that demands meticulous attention to detail. The Tegel Nivelleersysteem, or Tegel Leveling System, has emerged as an invaluable tool for achieving flawless results. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Tegel Nivelleersysteem, delving into its components, advantages, application techniques, and practical tips for optimal performance.

I. Dissecting the Tegel Nivelleersysteem

A. Components of the Tegel Nivelleersysteem

The Tegel Nivelleersysteem consists of three essential components:

Clips: These small, robust plastic pieces are available in various sizes to accommodate different tile thicknesses. Their primary function is to secure the tiles in place, ensuring uniform spacing and minimizing lippage.

Wedges: Crafted from durable plastic, wedges complement the clips. They fit snugly into the clips, applying uniform pressure to the tiles, thereby maintaining a consistent level during installation.

Pliers: These specialized tools are indispensable for inserting and removing the clips and wedges. They provide precision and ease in adjusting tiles, streamlining the installation process.

B. Advantages of the Tegel Nivelleersysteem

Lippage Reduction: One of the most significant benefits of employing the Tegel Nivelleersysteem is the reduction of lippage. Lippage occurs when tiles are not perfectly aligned, resulting in uneven surfaces. The system ensures a flush finish, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Time Efficiency: The Tegel Nivelleersysteem expedites the installation process by simplifying tile alignment. This is particularly valuable for large-scale projects, as it minimizes the time required for adjustments.

Consistent Spacing: Achieving uniform tile spacing can be challenging without leveling systems. The Tegel system ensures precise spacing, enhancing the visual appeal of the finished installation.

Cost-Effectiveness: While initially an investment, the Tegel Nivelleersysteem ultimately saves on costs associated with correcting misaligned tiles or addressing lippage after installation.

II. Application Techniques

A. Preparing the Substrate

Before applying the Tegel Nivelleersysteem, it is crucial to prepare the substrate properly. This involves ensuring a clean, level surface free from debris, dust, or any irregularities that could affect the tile placement.

B. Placing the Clips

Determining Clip Placement: Begin by assessing the tile layout and determining where the clips will be inserted. Generally, they are positioned at the corners of each tile.

Inserting the Clips: Slide the clips underneath the edges of the tiles, ensuring a snug fit. The clips should be positioned equidistant from each other to maintain consistent spacing.

C. Inserting the Wedges

Positioning the Wedges: Once the clips are in place, insert the wedges into the clips. Ensure that the wedges are placed perpendicular to the tile surface, applying even pressure.

Adjusting the Level: Gently tap the wedges with the pliers to bring the tiles to the desired level. Use a spirit level to confirm that the tiles are aligned correctly.

D. Removing Excess Clips and Wedges

After the adhesive has set, carefully remove the excess clips and wedges using the pliers. Take care not to disturb the tiles during this process.

III. Tips for Maximizing Efficiency

A. Selecting the Right Clips and Wedges

It is crucial to choose clips and wedges that are compatible with the thickness of the tiles being installed. Using the incorrect size may lead to inadequate leveling.

B. Maintaining Proper Spacing

Regularly check and adjust the spacing between tiles to ensure uniformity. This can be achieved by making minor adjustments with the pliers.

C. Allowing Sufficient Curing Time

Ensure that the adhesive used for tile installation has ample time to cure before removing the clips and wedges. Premature removal may compromise the leveling achieved.


The Tegel Nivelleersysteem represents a monumental leap forward in tile installation technology. By minimizing lippage, expediting installation, and ensuring uniform spacing, this system elevates the quality and aesthetics of tile installations. By following proper application techniques and adhering to key tips, users can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tegel Nivelleersysteem, ultimately resulting in impeccable tile installations.

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