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He did a good job. He spat on my dick and rubbed my helmet, tugged on my balls and played with my foreskin. It was a proper hand job and not just rubbing up and down fast like most girls do.

After about ten minutes I was nearly ready to cum and I told him I was close. He sped up and aimed my cock at his face. He was wanking off really fast and I think he started cumming on the carpet right before I started cumming.

Then I started cumming and shot all over his face and some of it got in his mouth.

I can cum quite a lot but usually it’s only after playing with it for a while. I shot a good load though and he seemed to like it. I even splashed one squirt right over his head. It felt fucking great.

After I shot most of it out he squeezed my cock a few times and played with my helmet then reached over and grabbed some tissues from beside the sofa and cleaned my cock for me and wiped my cum from his face.

We both stood up and put our cocks away and I saw the cum he’d shot all over the floor. I think he shot more cum than I did.

I thanked him for getting me off and he said “Any time you want that blow job you know where I am!” and then I went home.

That happened about 6 months ago. I’ve been thinking about it quite a lot and I think I’m a bit more curious about things now than I was. I love the stories here and reading some of the experiences of some of the other guys really gets me hard and wanking it.

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