How to launch: Launch tips for makers


“The most important thing when you release products is sharing it and having an audience, and having people see it”

Before starting

1. Tweet what you plan on doing (12-24 hours in advance)


2. Setup page for collecting emails for people who want to see the final result, Pat uses

3. Share project on:

  • Reddit:
  • There is an art to posting on reddit: don’t over self promote yourself, try to keep it personalized, you don’t want to come off like you’re some company or corporation.
  • No emoji’s
  • Don’t get people to upvote too quickly as reddit will flag it
  • Copy original tweet, post to:

  • After posting first one, open post in incognito, if it says [deleted] or [removed] it has been shadow banned.
  • Example of post

  • Be prepared for skeptical comments

4. Tweet update that you are starting

During launch

  1. Coming up with a name
  1. He used first one that came naturally
  2. If you use something that is slightly controversial it can start more of a conversation/get more press
  1. People who use wordpress -> You do need wordpress this sucks
  2. People who don’t -> you actually don’t need wordpress
  1. Post on Hackernews
  1. Example:
  2. If you hit the front page of hackernews you will get 1000 people on your site at any one time.
  1. Post on Facebook: Copy post from twitter

  1. Respond to people commenting on your post (Reddit, twitter, hackernews, facebook), helps with engagement. Doesn’t have to be right away, but within an hour or so.
  2. Update your project as you go along, helps people understand where you are at.
  1. Example:

  1. Post to Product hunt
  2. Share in group chat
  3. Update twitter/reddit/facebook/hackernews
  4. Email any sign ups

Other notes



He got this from Pieter Levels, whenever you have an idea write it down.

Find some small tactic to use for marketing -- then build a simple tool that could be shared for free / cheap with others. Pat did this with

If you keep thinking about it, move it to the “Thought about multiple times”

General notes


  • Start in a niche, facebook groups for e-commerce


  • Starter Story: I can code, but I probably shouldn’t spend time coding this project. It would be a better use of my time to actually just get the stories. The coding/tech is tempting but it’s not the best use of time.
  • Key takeaway: identify the thing that is tempting and the thing that is important to achieve your goal, focus on the thing that is important, ignore everything else.


  • “I do 100’s of interviews, a lot of them don’t actually pan out, so I need to do everything possible to make sure they get it done.”
  • If you want 1 paying user -> you need to be doing sales for 100


  • Use for preparing product hunt launch
  • Make a logo with canva
  • Write description with:

Spreading the word

  • Spreading the word is 10x more important than what you build.
  • My code isn’t great, it’s not going to be fast, it’s going to be buggy, but the fact that I’m sharing this on twitch/twitter, that is a strategy.


“Hype everyone, go ahead. People like hype, they don’t even see it as self-promotion.”

“Here’s where we get to use a lot of cat emoji’s”

Pre-product hunt launch

  1. Scheduled product launch with hunter
  2. Post link to Makerlog
  3. Post link Twitter
  1. Emoji’s are important 🚀
  1. Post to Maker's Kitchen:
  2. Post to Telegram groups
  1. Mailchimp, send out email to your beta testers
  2. Check PH link is live
  3. Post product hunt link on twitter with plenty of emoji’s
  4. Add product hunt link to unubo for stats
  5. Post product hunt link to makerlog/maker’s kitchen/telegram groups
  6. Ask hunter to tweet about it, if they haven’t already
  7. Respond to people on product hunt
  8. Post link on Indiehackers
  9. Set reminder to post on twitter every hour, post updates
  10. Send out email to other sign ups


* You can also view Ethan’s checklist here:

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