Anime Sex Toys: The New Wave of Romance

What are they?

It’s a common stereotype that men are only interested in one thing, but let’s get real—even they have their needs. However, it may come as a surprise to some people that anime sex toys do exist, and they can be just as useful for women as well. In fact, many women use them alongside their partners as well. They’re also great for solo time, if you like to keep things exciting for yourself. But what exactly are anime sex toys? Well...

To put it simply, an anime sex toy is basically anything designed with erotic stimulation in mind. This could include such items as onaholes (masturbation sleeves), dakimakura (pillow covers) or yandere waifu pillows (obviously not meant for human use). Whatever your personal preference might be, there’s almost certainly something out there that suits your tastes perfectly. Some people find non-anime ones more convenient or realistic - check out our other posts on those!


Why are they popular?

There are many reasons that anime sex toys have become increasingly popular over recent years. In Japan, they are more widely accepted in society than they are in most Western countries, and it’s not uncommon to see a vibrator or dildo on sale at a department store next to other household items such as kitchen utensils or even bathroom cleaners. Because of their acceptance in Japanese culture, people don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about them. This is particularly important for women who may be uncomfortable buying something like a sex toy because of how others might react if they were to find out. With anime-themed products, there is no fear of judgment because they aren’t associated with pornography – which means that you can buy an item without feeling like you’re doing something wrong.


Is there any difference from regular sex toys?

Unlike regular sex toys, anime sex toys are specifically designed to provide entertainment. Though they’re largely bought by men, they provide pleasure for everyone in a different way. For example, when one buys a male doll with moving parts and a voice recording system, he isn’t thinking about how it will enhance his sexual experience; rather, he thinks about how much fun it will be to watch as his girlfriend interacts with him. In other words, anime sex toys aren’t just for fun; they are specifically intended to entertain during lovemaking. Thus many couples like using them together to break up some of the monotony that can set in when you've been intimate with someone for a long time.


Where do you buy them?

Anime sex toys are still fairly new to Western markets, but they can be easily purchased online through a few different websites. If you’re curious about what exactly is on offer, here are some resources that may help your search along. Each one offers different levels of quality, so make sure to read up before you decide where to buy from. Toy Demon - This site has a large selection of anime-inspired toys and is perhaps one of the best sites for all things related to tentacle rape. You’ll find everything from dildos to vibrators that might or might not cause seizures.


Do people use them as cosplay props?

Ah, sex toys. When it comes to anime fandom, you’d be surprised at how many women think they’re used solely for men to masturbate with and how many men think they’re exclusively for women. Actually, most sex toys are designed so people can share them; vibrators don’t have to be limited to clitoral stimulation!

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