Buying Guide – How To Buy A Sex Toy Torso?

Virtual Reality Porn Headset

Using a sex toy torso with a virtual reality headset means you can have sex with any woman you like, even if she’s not physically in your home. If a real-life crush won’t indulge your fantasies, simply use VR to live out your wildest dreams. Plus, being able to watch her from multiple angles will make it that much more realistic. While many of these toys are for men and offer only male point of view (POV), there are also some that allow women to remotely control them and provide one-way viewing. Maybe it’s best not to think about how technology has turned sex into something voyeuristic—enjoy it while you can!

Vagina Palette

If you’re looking for a conversation starter, then Gwyneth Paltrow’s new vagina palette might just be for you. The actress and lifestyle guru has collaborated with luxury sex toy torso company Lelo to create an eyeshadow palette in her own image. Is it too much? Well, if you ask us, any type of positive discourse about our sexual wellness is always a good thing—even if it doesn’t quite hit the mark on occasion. For those interested in trying out one of Paltrow's made-for-each-other products , keep reading to learn more about how using sex toys will make you feel so darn good.

Female Love Doll with Vagina, Anus and Mouth

Love dolls come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them are purely for aesthetic purposes. This love doll from Sex Toy Torso is different: she has all three of a real woman’s holes! That means you can stick your penis into her vagina, then into her anus and finally her mouth – blowjobs are so much better when they’re a threesome! It also means you can try double penetration (anal + vaginal) or even triple penetration (vaginal + anal + oral!) if that’s your sort of thing. And did we mention she has boobs? Because she totally does. If you’re looking for something outside of your comfort zone, then look no further than our naughty little sex doll.

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