The Best Sex Toys Torso

Male Love Doll

Everyone’s heard of a blow up doll, but a sex toy torso? The male love doll is certainly an invention that will ruffle some feathers. Designed to be more flexible than most other sex dolls on the market, it allows users to place their sexual organs inside of it and penetrate away. But there’s no need to be worried about hygiene; these toys are highly recommended for those with sensitive skin and can easily be washed or cleaned (if you even feel like it). This toy has all sorts of creative uses, too—you can replace limbs with vibes or anything else that suits your fancy. If you don’t have any use for one of these toys, there are plenty of other naughty things you can do with them!

Open Ended Vibrator Harness

This sex toy torso is a personal favorite of mine because it allows you to reach new levels of pleasure, or just enjoy your favorite vibrator in a whole new way. Open Ended Vibrator Harness is specially designed for penetrative play for couples and singles alike. This harness will fit most standard size dildos and can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water before and after each use. It also comes with a blindfold for extra sensory fun! No more messy hair clips trying to hold back your locks while you are going at it, just snuggle up with your lover while they caress you with their hands...I promise it will be worth every minute! Available here.

Vertical Vagina Simulator

No, it’s not a phrase that inspires confidence. But do you know what would be a lot worse? A lazy vagina. At some point, you’re going to have sex toy torso with someone who needs to recharge their batteries mid-session because they couldn’t be bothered to change out their $7 watch battery at home. The Vertical Vagina Simulator will give you 30 minutes of charging time in just four minutes of wall charge time—and for what it’s worth, it works for men and women alike. If your partner comes across one of these, make sure he or she knows how many times you had to change your own watch battery as a kid—in fact, it might be better if they don’t ask questions at all.

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