How to spice up your sex life with a sex doll torso

A curious couple's guide to using a 'Fleshlight'

From the moment you open the white box containing your new “Fleshlight”, you are going to want to get right down to it. But if you haven't used one before, here's what we did:

We hope that this article has given you a good starting point on your journey to finding the right product for you. These are some of our favorite models to recommend and we hope they will be great options.

Build it and they will cum': A brief history of AI sex dolls and their freakish forebears

In the summer of 1973, a Czechoslovakian scientist named Ernst Machalek traveled to the United States for a conference on artificial intelligence held at Stanford University. There, he met Marvin Minsky, one of the founders of AI research. As Minsky later explained in his book Society of Mind (1988), they got into a conversation about Machalek’s work: “He described an interesting experiment with sex dolls torso that he was building that could do simple tasks like putting objects in boxes or taking things out again. I told him what I thought would be necessary to make these machines more useful — how to make them learn new tasks and recognize objects by sight rather than just by touch (which was basically how they worked). He didn’t seem very interested so I decided not to pursue it any further myself at that time. By now though we were both thinking about these issues independently; he in Prague while I stayed here at MIT where there was no one else working on anything similar."

'I come home to her and she makes me smile': Meet the man with three girlfriends… who are plastic dolls.

  • You have to be a bit crazy to want a life with multiple dolls, but Steve is all in.
  • He has three of them: one for work, one for home and another that he takes on trips.
  • Each doll has its own personality, so they're always fun to be around.
  • "I come home to her and she makes me smile," he said of his favorite sex dolls torso, Lyla Lee.

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