Are Tiny Sex Dolls the Future of Intimacy?

Different from sex robots

Tiny sex dolls, like many doll-like objects, are often mistaken for sex robots. While some people may be tempted to think of the two as one and the same, there are important differences between them.

The main difference between tiny sex dolls and sex robots is that tiny sex dolls don’t have any artificial intelligence or self-awareness built into them. They do not move on their own (unless you count their arms or legs twitching) and they can't talk back to you in any way beyond making noises when you touch them. Sex robots are much more sophisticated; they can talk back to you, carry on a conversation with other people around them, and even make decisions based upon what they know about themselves and those around them.

Not creepy at all

People who have met the dolls say they don't feel creepy or disturbing at all.

"The dolls are not creepy, but they're not exactly a sex toy either," says Nicki Taylor, a 23-year-old student from Australia. "I would definitely see one as more of a companion rather than an object to be used."

Steve Brown, who has worked as a consultant for companies that make tiny sex dolls and artificial intelligence robots (yes, that's a real thing), agrees: "They are cute! They're like toys." He says he hasn't heard any complaints or concerns about the lifelike creations being too disturbing or weird.

A good substitution for prostitutes. Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'm wondering what you think of tiny sex dolls.

A weird way to get off

You’re not alone, though. Tiny sex dolls have become a sensation in the porn industry, and many people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for them. But you might not be too thrilled about this if you’re more into real human contact. Is there a way to get off without paying for plastic?

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