The Variations of the Helicopter Sex Position

The "bumper automobiles position," also called the "helicopter sex position," is so named because it makes partners appear to be helicopters while having the vietnamese masturbation porn videos ever.

Numerous variations that can accommodate various body types have been created due to its complex setup.

Traditional Helicopter

Start with the receiving partner or the bottom on their knees and elbows with their bottom in the air to execute the traditional helicopter sex position. The insertive partner or top then performs a plank while inserting their penis into the bottom. Both partners' heads should be in opposition to one another, and the top  partner's legs should be above the bottom  partner's legs.

The top may have to suspend their legs in midair or place them on top of a couch or chair for support, depending on the heights of both people.

Helipad Helicopter

The helicopter sex position can be performed in a more controllable manner and with less upper body strength in this variant. Starting position requires the bottom to be on their stomach with their back slightly raised. For the bottom, using a pillow or a positioning wedge will make this considerably simpler.

The top then positions their penis downward while the bottom lays on top of them.

The heads and legs are in the same positions as in the traditional helicopter sex position, but this time, the top is not required to maintain their raised legs.


Because every body is different and is constructed differently, you and your partner might not be the best candidates for the helicopter sex position. Given the peculiar angle in which the penis must be inserted, this position typically works best for anal sex or with partners who use dildos or strap-ons.

However, it is crucial for both casual and committed partners to approach the subject of sex with a positive and open-minded attitude.

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