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The Khussa A Bit Of Cultural Heritage

Like all countries all over the world, Pakistan has a distinct culture that runs from top to the bottom. I will talk the traditional footwear "Khussa" inside my post. They are the perfect footwear to wear and are the most comfortable type of footwear that is suitable for summer and winters.

You'll be amazed discover that the most attractive Khussa are produced from Multan city. The traditional khussa are adorned with exquisite Tillawork (gold/white thread embroidery) sequins, beads, sequins work and truck art designs. leather and velvet add to its elegance. They are made with great care and are distributed throughout the country.

Khussas are commonly referred to as "Mojri" and are typically worn by people living in rural areas. Cobblers make the shoes that are sold to the farmers and peasants. A majority Pakistan is agrarian, and the farmers appreciate the strength and comfort of the shoes made from the finest domestic leather therefore they are the preferred shoes.


No matter if it's Eid or a birthday celebration, at work or university do you have to be unsure if you should put that.

The history of Khussa

An enduring piece of our heritage A Khusa is a kind of footwear made from leather that has been used for many centuries. Since the first influences date back to pre-Mughlai days coming directly from China Khussay (plural from khusa) were originally made using wood for the sole. But due to practical reasons the idea was removed fairly early. The Pakistanis soon fashioned the khussa in their own fashion by mixing buffalo and cow skin using the former as the sole, making it durable and the latter being used to cover the upper part, because the cow's leather tends to be more flexible and is easier to make.

Although it was initially the preferred footwear for the average person It was later picked into the hands of royalty. The Mughal Emperor Jahangir was the son of Akbar was the one who made the khussa a household name through the introduction of embellished versions of it. His preferred shoe became famous and more and more designs started coming out, made of threads of genuine silver and gold, with stones, gems and stunning embroidery on the upper section.

The association with royalty increased the importance that it’s in Southeast Asia. Artists of Multan, Bahawalpur, Chakwal and Punjab (both Pakistan and India) were able to come up with fresh and unique designs.

The significance of Khussa

The most amazing things about leather footwear such as Khussas and Kohlapuri's, which are both offered by Khusa the company, is that they're created using incredibly sustainable and eco ecological techniques. They are made entirely by hand. it is cut and stitched, and embellished by the craftsman and includes stitching the soles to the uppers using cotton threads and paste. One of the primary motives why believes in making the leather shoes is that we believe in eco-friendly practices.

The Latest Trends

Though they've never become outdated (look at the fashion trends in the last 20-30 years and you'll see fashionists sporting a traditional khussa!

 Recent fashions have ensured that it remains a vital component to your outfit. If you're wearing it with jeans, an shalwar kameez, an oversized dress, or a churidar dress, khussay can really bring any outfit together.

The styles of khussay that are available on the market are vast. There are khussays made of embroidery, dabka, kora, gota mirrors, beads, sequins sellings, pearls mukesh, ribbons, as well as velvet! The options are endless and each design highlights how beautiful it is.

While a colorful khusa can have distinct significance as well as importance the latest trends are moving towards a minimalist design even in traditional shoes.

At We pride ourselves in our minimal designs for our kolhapuri's and khussas and keep our tradition of craftsmanship intact. If you're looking for something cheap but not too expensive to put in one's wardrobe that can remind you of your different cultures as well as a stylish design declaration (especially one that goes with all kinds of clothes that you wear, whether western or eastern casual or formal) Then look at to join with us as we continue keeping our culture's rich heritage and diversity!

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