Free Brawl Stars Gems Coins Guide SCRIPT APRIL 2019

Free Gems Brawl Stars all countries 2019 APRIL UPDATED!

Free Gems Brawl Stars all countries 2019 APRIL UPDATED!

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Let's make an appointment. About clash royale or maybe clash of clans heard everyone. The creators of the games in December 2019 created a new game entitled "Brawl Stars". The game is a shooter and has many modes in it. One of them is the recently popular battle royale, mainly known for fortnite or PUBG. I've been watching the game for the last week.

After a few hours spent in "Brawl Stars" I can say that the game is really addictive. It is hard to deny that Supercell from the beginning of the game showed how much they care about this game. So far, I have not found any bug there, the quality is good, and the graphics are drawing. As we can read in reviews on the play store, some errors are reportedly occurring, but these are only rumors. The quality of the game is really good. The control is simple, because we do not have one designated place to move and to attack. Where we press on the left side of the screen, we can move there. It's the same with the attack, just the right side.

The game has 4 modes at once, of which 2 change every 24 hours, and only the map changes. The first mode we get is Gem Grab. It involves getting 10 gems that are created every 15 seconds. We are disturbed by the opposite team, who, if he abolishes us, will take away our jewels. The mode is really cool and does not last long. One match lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. The second mode is the showdown mode, or battle royale. This mode is based on survival as the last person on the map. For this purpose, we must eliminate the opponents, and additionally makes it difficult for us gas, which reduces our space for running. In my opinion, the mode is wonderful. In this case, we can play solo or duo, in other words, alone or in a pair. On the map, we can find boxes with crystals that increase our power. Keep in mind that the crystals are for one match only. There are 2 modes left, but I will not describe them, because they change every 24 hours.

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