Granny flats in Sydney

 Making a granny flat out of a garage or outdoor shed that is no longer in use is one option you can take into consideration for making the most of this space.

This little house-like structure has gained popularity in many Australian houses since it provides a fantastic method to utilize space in a home and save money on rental expenses that a person would otherwise have to pay if he were to move somewhere else.

 This second residence may be made to be either distinct from the main house or attached to it.

To avoid disturbing the original home and incurring costly renovation costs, many property owners opt to build it as a distinct structure.

 Not just for grannies

 The term "granny flat" is thought to have originated from the fact that families would use these buildings to create a separate living space for their elderly or disabled parents. This allowed the parents to retain some level of independence while still being on the family's property, where they could receive company, assistance, or any other help they might require.

 However, more and more individuals are getting inventive with how they utilise their granny flats; some people use the room as a home office or a place to engage in hobbies like crafting or building items in a workshop custom granny flats sydney.

Others renovate the property so that they may rent it to people or couples looking for a cheap place to reside.

How do these spaces look?

Sydney experts claim that depending on where they are built and what they will be used for, granny flat designs can vary substantially.

Generally speaking, a granny flat must be smaller than the primary residence on the property; for example, the granny flat's real size cannot exceed 60 square metres and the property must retain a minimum land area of 450 square meters.

 One, two, and an openconcept kitchen and living space are common features of some granny flats.

Others may have up to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and high ceilings to provide the unit with extra space and light.

It is also possible to have a porch in front so that residents have a spot to relax and take in the wind and sun.








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