Think Small When Hiring a Professional

Voice Artist A Voice Artist's Size Doesn't Matter If you need a voice artist for your next commercial, corporate video, or series of on-hold messages, who should you hire?the big agency with hundreds of available voices, or the small company with a home studio? cutom voice tags

If you mentioned the large agency, you would be like many others who believe that if it is large, it must be better... but is it really?

At a larger agency, you will undoubtedly pay more.This is due to their higher overhead costs.But is it true that spending more money gets you better service?

Necessarily not.Most of the time, the "little guy" working from home studio was once a big guy at a big agency.Nowadays, many people set up small businesses on their own after becoming dissatisfied with working for large bureaucracies.

Therefore, if you go to him, you will have direct contact with the person at the top, who has a lot of experience and knows how to make a great advertisement.He will often have a great voice of his own and will have a lot of contacts in the industry, like voice actors and copywriters, so he can offer you everything the big one-stop agencies can do without charging a lot of money.

Additionally, he will put in a lot more effort to make you happy because he is in business for himself.He'll look harder to source the very perfectly voice ability for yourself and he'll improve that voice's general appeal than it as of now does.You are aware that he will truly care for you from the beginning because he has a significantly greater stake in your subsequent return.

In addition, the recording equipment he uses and the voice actors he sources can be as good as anything the big boys have to offer thanks to significant advancements in home studio technology.He only needs a good microphone, a room that has been treated, some software, and a fast internet connection to make great voice overs on demand.

Therefore, go with the big boys if you want a wide range of high-budget voice overs for your next campaign.But why not give the little guy a shot if you want personal service, high-quality voices, high production values, and quick turnaround for a much better price?His actual size might surprise you to your delight.

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