The Indonesian National Team lost 0-2 to Argentina

The Indonesian national team lost to Argentina in the FIFA Matchday match at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Monday (19/6) evening.

Albiceleste appeared dominant since the first half started. As soon as the kick off whistle sounded, Argentina immediately took control of the game.

The tempo of the game is slow. Argentina slowly pierced Indonesia's defense. In the 10th minute Exequiel Palacios' shot was blocked by Ernando Ari. Argentina also had a chance after Ernando made a mistake in distributing the ball, but the situation could be anticipated.

Nicolas Gonzalez's shot on target in the 13th minute was still caught well by Ernando. A moment later Giovani Lo Celso's shot was blocked and presented a corner kick. Another opportunity came for Argentina in the 17th minute through Nico Gonzalez, who Ernando was still able to push over.

A chance from Indonesia is present in the 26th minute. A pressing Garuda Squad in the opponent's defense area gave Rafael Struick a chance to shoot, but the ball was quickly seized by the opponent.


Jordi Amat's mistake at the back in the 30th minute put Indonesia's defense under threat. The opportunities for Facundo Buonanotte and Julian Alvarez failed to score thanks to the ups and downs of Elkan Baggott, Rizky Ridho and Ernando securing the goal.

In the 38th minute Argentina scored a goal that changed the score to 1-0. Long-range kick from Leandro Paredes broke into Ernando's goal.

Julian Alvarez failed to take advantage of opportunities in the 44th minute. His shot is still wide. Meanwhile, Ivar Jenner was also unable to complete the chance in the final minutes of the first half.

In the second round, Pratama Arhan replaced Shayne Pattynama and Dendy Sulistyawan took the position of Dimas Drajad.

Entering the 53rd minute, a throw-in from Arhan was met by Elkan Baggott. Emi Martinez had to work hard to ward off the ball.

Argentina added to the advantage thanks to Cristian Romero's goal which took advantage of Giovani Lo Celso's corner in the 55th minute.

Three minutes later, Arhan's throw again caused a stir in the Argentine defense. Martinez chose to move forward, the rebound ball failed to take advantage. Arhan's throw-in really gave the Argentinian defense a hard time. On the third occasion, Arhan's throw sent Martinez out of the nest again.

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