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Make Your Facebook Profile Attractive

In the last few years, Facebook has become a very popular and effective way to meet and date women online. Unlike regular dating sites, Facebook has a great important advantage – all the girls are there. Very attractive women usually don’t open dating site accounts, because they already have many men who want them. But they all have Facebook accounts.

In addition, your Facebook account can be used to show your attractive personality in ways that are not available on dating sites.

Before I continue to the basic steps to create an attractive Facebook account, I would like to admit that I tried dating sites for a few times, and in fact, I didn’t succeed too much. I actually met one of my ex-girlfriends on a dating site, but that’s probably the only date I’ve got there, out of hundreds of messages that I sent.

Facebook is different, I meet there new girls almost on a daily basis.

But before moving on to picking up hundreds of girls on Facebook, let me tell you about one little risk that is envolved with Facebook. If you send too many messages, if you add too many girls (and they don’t accept you), Facebook can block your profile – temporarily and even for ever(!!!!). So beware.

If you have an attractive profile, girls will accept your requests, and they will even send you ones.

So, now you should ask, how can you make your Facebook profile very attractive to women?

From my personal experience on approaching women on Facebook, what really matters is your profile. You can send a girl just a “Hi” message, you can add her, or you can do something “creative”. but anyway she’ll immediately go and check your profile. If it’s attractive, you’re in.

Today, almost every girl that I add (around 85%-90%), accepts my friend request. Some even give me “likes” and comments on my wall, some even begin chatting with me immediately. I hardly get any “Do I know you?” messages, because girls want to know me.

So, How do you create an attractive Facebook Profile?

The first thing that I recommend to do, is to make sure that people who are not your friends, have limited permissions over your profile. Don’t show them your wall, for example.

Now, if a girl is not your friend, what she sees is basically your profile photos, your friends and your friends in common. There are other aspects to improve in a profile, but I will discuss primarily those 3.

Attractive Profile – Photos

A photo that only shows your portrait is boring and conveys nothing. Instead, add photos of you doing sports, social activity, dancing with friends, etc.

In addition, the most attractive photos are where you are: Showing leadership (For example, giving a lecture), Showing Social Proof (Surrounded by friends) and Pre-Selection (Hugging a female friend, dancing with women), and showing you emotional side (my favourites are holding a baby or holding a pet).

If you know how the Female Attraction Mechanism is designed by nature, you probably understand how such photos will make you look extremely attractive in the eyes of women.

Profile photos hav a very strong impact. They are the first thing women can see about you, and they can create attraction and interest within seconds.

You don’t have such photos? Go make them! It’s easy to create such photos. Just make photos with female friends, women from school, work. It can even be your sister, and you can just stop random girls on the street to make a photo with you.

Attractive Profile – Your Friends

It’s attractive for a man to have many friends in his profile, because it shows that you are a social person, that people like you and you are not some lonely compuer geek. I have around 800 friends, which i a great number. The average Facebook user has about 200 friends, so even if you have just 400 friends, you are twice than average.

You can add people that you meet in parties, work colleagues. Just add people that you meet here and there. Having many friends on Facebook can expend your social and business network as well.

The more friends you have, the higher social value it gives you.

Attractive Profile – Friends in Common

If you have friends in common with a girl, it makes her feel comfortable talking to you. Did you notice that in house-parties, it’s easier to approach and talk to girls? It’s because they feel closer to you than girls in a random party.

In addition, it shows her that you have similar friends and social circles.

Here the trick is simple. just add and approach girls that already have friends in common with you. You can use the “People you may know” tool, or check for attractive friends of your friends.

Also, I like to add as friends all kinds of  bars and clubs owners and promoters. They all like to accept friend requests, and have many friends. If you add a girl in your area, there is a good chance she will be friends with one of those night life stars.

Now go and make your facebook profile attractive!

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